Here is where the nostalgia of WW1 is left behind and the action ‘ramps up a gear’.  Military vehicles intersperse the fantastic array of historic displays full of equipment, insignia,weaponry and day to day artifacts from WW2.  Emphasising the garrison life of the average serviceman and women and tactical events involving simulated combat operations within varied scenes of Woodland, barn and medical operations theatre to name but a few.

The Temple at War Main stage is just one of the focal gathering points as we welcome ‘Allo, Allo!’ star Officer Crabtree – Arthur Bostrum, Corporal Richard Nauyokas star of TVs Bad Lads Army and the fantastic trio of singers Fox, Wiggle and Sass.  Our Stage Stars will be with us daily and will be made available to meet for photographic and autograph opportunities.

But that is not all …

View the explosive daily battle based on real skirmish encounters in the French countryside.

Interact with the American, British, French, Italian and German atmospheric encampments as spontaneous re-enactment wrap around you in total 3D experience.

If you are a military enthusiast, visit our outdoor and indoor traders.  Hungry?  A fantastic selection of high quality food outlets (hot and cold) is also available for you to enjoy in front of the main Temple at War stage or within the atmospheric promenade area of the walled garden.

Fascinating Facts
The 40-50 million deaths incurred in WW2 make it the bloodiest conflict, as well as the largest war in history.
The first German serviceman killed in WW2 was killed by the Japanese.
The first American serviceman killed in WW2 was killed by the Russians.
In 1941, more than 3 million cars were manufactured in the US.  Only 139 more were made during the entire war.
Adolf Hitlers Nephew (William Patrick Hitler) was born in Liverpool in 1911, emigrated to America and served in the American Navy during the war.
Hiro Onoda was a Japanese soldier who fought WW2 until 1974 after refusing to believe WW2 ended in 1945.
The boat named the SS Wein serving in the Australian Navy during WW1 was sunk in 1918.  Years later it was raised and put back into service, this time in Italy.  During WW2, the boat served as a hospital ship for Mussolini’s forces.  It was attacked and sunk by the Allies. The SS Wein is the only ship to have been sunk in both world wars.