Physically experience the thrill of stepping back in time over 100 years.  The sights and sounds of characters long past.  All now long-gone ghosts, of relatives old, the soldiers of the First World War truly come to life as they go about their camp duties.  Experience the nostalgia of authentic interactive WW1 British Tommy and German encampments dating to 1914-18.

Start your military experience by talking to the soldiers of the past whilst they go about their daily duties.  Why not join in with drill practice and take the Queens Schilling.  The atmospheric Sunday Service at 11.00am is not to be missed and where we honour those lost to the Great War and other conflicts who fought for us all so long ago.

Fascinating Facts

Over 30 nations declared war between 1914 and 1918.  The majority joined on the sides of the Allies including Serbia, Russia, France, Britain, Italy and the United States.
Axis troops included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.
65 million troops were mobilized during the War.  Over 8 Million Soldiers died and over 21 Million were injured.
Miners detonated over 9000,000lb of explosives at the same time in the Messines Ridge in Belgium which was so loud it was heard 140 miles away in Downing Street, London.
12 million letters were delivered to the frontline every week.
The youngest British soldier in WW1 (Sidney Lewis) was just 12 years old.  Some 250,000 underaged soldiers were allowed to fight in WW1.
9 out of 10 British soldiers survived the trenches.
From 1860 to 1916, the British Army imposed a mandatory dress regulation on their soldiers, including the requirement to have a moustache.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated on 28 June 1914 an event which led to the beginning of the war.  Strangely, the Archdukes vehicle number plate read A111 118, a series that can be read as, Armistice 11 November ’18.

Find out much, much more by chatting to our re-enactors on their fantastic displays.